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North Georgia Inliners has been committed to serving Atlanta area customers for years, and we know that fast, accurate diagnosis of sewer problems and leaks is an important part of keeping that promise. Our expert technicians are equipped with advanced sewer camera inspection and leak detection technology to makes sure we get it right every time for maximum customer satisfaction.

NGI offers two modern, technology-based methods for properly diagnosing sewer and water line problems: sewer camera inspection and leak detection systems. Our systems use highly-sensitive instruments to collect the information needed to effectively pinpoint the source of a problem and evaluate it. Rather than relying on analysis of the symptoms, we can look at the pipes themselves – no matter how inaccessible they are – to ensure that we fully see and understand the problem. With NGI, there is no guesswork and no nasty surprises during the repair process.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection to Spot Signs of Problems

Our sewer camera inspection technology uses durable, waterproof cameras that can collect detailed, high-definition footage even in the filthy, wet environment deep in a sewer line. The camera sends the video through a fiber optic cable to a screen where the skilled NGI specialist can see it instantly. As the camera is moved through the pipe, the technician notes the signs of problems and begins developing a plan of action to restore your sewer to full function.

If you’d like, you can participate in the inspection by watching the inspection with the technician. You can enjoy the peace of mind that you fully understand what’s happening in your pipe and what needs to be done to correct it. NGI technicians and staff pride ourselves on honesty and transparency, and we’re happy to help you understand the footage so you’ll feel more comfortable with the process.

Sewer camera inspection is helpful both during the sewer repair process and as a preventive measure to avoid problems. During repairs, our cameras both help find the problem quickly and provide a set of “eyes below ground” to guide the advanced tools and materials that make no-hassle, trenchless sewer repairs possible. We also use the camera system for our customers’ routine sewer inspection, the low-cost annual pipe inspection that allows you to catch problems early and avoid expensive repairs altogether.

Pipe Leak Detection Services Atlanta

For leaking pipes, we also have a variety of leak detection tools to help our experienced technicians quickly locate the source so that it can be repaired, no matter where it lies. Thermal imaging tools reveal invisible pinhole leaks by exposing tiny temperature variations that an expert NGI technician can readily identify. Sonic detection systems catch the sounds of water or gas escaping a sealed line, even if it’s too quiet to be heard by the human ear. Our technicians can analyze airflow patterns exposed by movement of introduced smoke to find a hidden gas leak or air flow problem.

North Georgia Inliners appreciates our customers in greater Atlanta, and that’s why we’ve invested in the leading technology for finding and diagnosing difficult sewer repair problems quickly and accurately. We have the right tools to provide great service, and we’d love to put them to work for you. Call us today to learn more!

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