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Common Misconceptions about Drain Cleaning

If you’re dealing with drain issues and wondering if it’s worth hiring a drain cleaning company for drain cleaning in Brookhaven, GA, North Georgia Inliners highly recommends that you do so. Our skilled plumbers and support personnel possess a wealth of experience at tackling all types of drain and sewer line problems, and we’re more than happy to address a few generally held myths about drain cleaning and repair.

Drain Cleaning is a Job that Anyone Can Do

Do-it-yourself drain cleaning is more difficult than it might initially seem, and it can sometimes result in further damage to nearby fixtures and piping. For dependable results, always call on an expert with the proper training and equipment to make quick work of reopening a clogged drain or plumbing line.

Chemical Drain Cleaners are Always the Solution

At best, chemical drain cleaning products are ineffective at removing all but the most superficial clogs. At worst, these products release potentially hazardous vapors, stain plumbing fixtures, impair the function of on-site wastewater treatment systems and cause pipe deterioration. Drain snaking, hydro jetting and other methods of drain clearing have been proven far more reliable in most situations.

Professional Drain Cleaning is Costly and Disruptive

An experienced plumber can provide speedy drain cleaning services with minimal disturbance to your household or business operations. At North Georgia Inliners, we also strive to ensure that our rates are affordable and within reach of local property owners from all walks of life.

Schedule Your Drain Cleaning Services Today

Rather than risk damaging your pipes and sewers, be sure to leave drain cleaning and other sewer solutions to trusted professionals. You won’t go wrong when you turn to the leading drain cleaning company in the local area, North Georgia Inliners. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team.

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